Avia Find Your Time

Find Your Time

Client Avia / Galaxy Brands 
Project Campaign Development 
Role Concept, Design & Art Direction
Year 2014


Avia was a leading shoe brand in the 1980’s, known best for its women’s walking and aerobics shoes. Our challenge was to revive the brand and re-establish its place as a premier women’s fitness brand. We wanted the brand to speak to the everyday woman - to the soccer mom shuttling her kids from school, to the businesswoman rushing between client meetings. For her, exercise isn’t a full time occupation: she has to make time for exercise in her week, amidst a schedule filled with work, children, and other obligations.

We wanted the creative to show her leaving behind the stress of her day as she took a moment for herself and her workout. We wanted our Avia campaign to empower the everyday woman to realize that she shouldn’t have to sacrifice her exercise or health for the sake of anything else - as long as she makes time for her routine, she can have it all. This was my design approach behind the “Find Your Time” campaign.


We developed a fully integrated campaign that included print, digital, social content, retail and event marketing. We redesigned and relaunched the website as not just an e-commerce platform, but a tool for women to find content for a healthier lifestyle. We introduced the “Find Your Time” blog providing today’s women with lifestyle tips framed to support her daily routine. We revitalized and activated social platforms to increase engagement and followers and provided a creative refresh to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Through print ads, an updated website, blog posts, emails, and consumer outreach we encouraged women to let go of the day’s stress to refresh themselves, both mentally and physically.