Bron Dexter

Bron Dexter

Client Galaxy Brands 
Project Character Design, Product Development 
Role Design, Illustration
Year 2014


LeBron James does things on the court that are so unthinkable that he may as well be a superhero. If you can bring even a fraction of that intensity to your life, you’ve got a little bit of LeBron in you. Our challenge was to create a line of LeBron school supplies that appealed to a younger audience. In order to do this, I created an animated character called Bron Dexter that channelled Lebron's superhuman on-court presence into the classroom. The products are meant to be a fun, approachable, and quirky take on LeBron, for kids who want to take a bit of LeBron’s on-court dominance with them to school.


I created the animated character and applied him to different items: USB drives, pencil cases, lunch boxes, notebooks, and in-store displays. We hoped that the character would send the message that in order to be like Lebron you have to cultivate your brain and not just your brawn.